With decades of SoC and architecture design experience, Arculus System is a dedicated team poised to tackle projects with years of expertise.


A pivotal industry leader in the EDA tool industry.
  • We bridge the gap between high-end IPs and a successful SoC design
  • Access to enormous high-end IPs for next generation computing
  • Neural network processing, high speed interconnection, chiplet integration, etc.
  • Customers can leverage the extensive SoC experience of ARCULUS SYSTEM
  • Architectures, task mapping, system evaluation, performance tradeoffs, etc.
  • Performance fine-tuning, and design customization to create market differentiation


Architecture Compiler


ARCULUS SYSTEM provides a great combination of EDA tools and services with IC design. We also provide high-quality SoC design service like IP design, optimization, integration and verification. This helps in speeding up the process significantly. It also helps the customer realize the design quicker and faster.


ARCULUS SYSTEM is an EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company that specializes in the development of high-performance chip design front-end development software tools and solutions. As a leading developer in the EDA field, ARCULUS SYSTEM is dedicated to pioneering breakthroughs aimed at assisting IC chip design enterprises in addressing the formidable challenges and critical issues encountered during innovation and development processes, becoming a trusted key partner in the industry.

Our flagship EDA tool is the Architecture Compiler, which represents our most advanced technology. This powerful solution simplifies SoC architecture design by optimizing software and hardware co-design, seamlessly integrating components, and enhancing overall performance. With the Architecture Compiler, we enable customers to build efficient and robust IC designs, laying a solid foundation for success.

We have developed iPROfiler, an advanced SoC performance analysis tool driven by artificial intelligence and designed for SoC. iPROfiler plays a crucial role in facilitating collaboration and comprehensive analysis among SoC design teams, software teams, and hardware teams. By leveraging its capabilities, customers can unleash the full potential of their SoC designs, achieving exceptional performance and functionality. It also serves as an important sign-off tool, ensuring smooth coordination between front-end and back-end design teams.

Customers are at the core of everything we do, and we strive to build strong partnerships by deeply understanding their goals and challenges. With our extensive experience and the powerful capabilities of our EDA tools, ARCULUS SYSTEM is prepared to tackle the most demanding and intricate problems brought about by IC design.