Architecture Compiler™

Why Should You Need an AI-system Compiler?

Conventional way of developing an application to SoC is complex and time consuming.
You need a large team and customized AI system design for your application. That's precisely why you require our architecture compiler to save costs.

Architecture Verification

  • SystemC Based
  • ESL Simulation
  • Architecture Validation
  • High Level Performance Analysis
  • High level evaluation to return quick feedback
  • In-depth optimization for best performance per cost
  • Hardware and software co-optimization to meet PPA (Performance, Power, Area) targets
  • Efficiently bridge SW and HW
  • Fast and high-quality hardware design and customization to attain high performance

Cloud, Edge Computing and Sensor AI devices require different on-chip and off-chip memory allocations

Larger on-chip memory: bigger die size, better performance

Larger off-chip memory: smaller die size, lower performance

On-chip vs. off-chip memory: a crucial trade-off decision

Our tool helps you explore and optimize memory size allocation