iPROfiler™ introduction

iPROfiler is a performance analysis and error diagnosis tool meticulously crafted for SoC design. Its essence lies in the ability to deeply analyze the waveform data generated during SoC operation, thereby uncovering performance bottlenecks or other potential issues. This tool allows engineers to evaluate the performance of SoC based on simulated operational data and make precise improvements and adjustments to the RTL code based on the analysis results. Through this effective feedback and cycle, iPROfiler can help engineers quickly and accurately identify and solve problems, thereby significantly enhancing the performance and reliability of SoC designs.

iPROfiler™ primarily offers the following features:



AI SoC Design Requires Seamless Teamwork

iPROfiler™ enables seamless collaboration between AI model and SoC front-end design teams while generating a comprehensive sign-off report for the back-end design team.

iPROfiler™ Transforms Waveform to Performance Intelligence

  • Performance Analysis

    iPROfiler enables easy loading of waveform data, allowing the evaluation of the operational performance of various IPs and Buses. It precisely identifies the timing and key information of performance anomalies and then represents them graphically. This feature enables IC design engineers to pinpoint issues.
  • Browsing Anomaly Waveforms

    Browsing Anomaly Waveforms With iPROfiler's convenient smart debugging feature, engineers can quickly browse through the waveform data of performance anomalies in the system, providing strong support for preliminary judgments.
  • Exporting Waveform Annotation Files

    This feature allows engineers to export the waveform annotation files of performance anomalies, facilitating the use of third-party waveform analysis tools for in-depth investigation of the root causes.
  • Memory Usage Analysis

    iPROfiler can finely analyze the usage of memory modules, identifying bottlenecks in system software operation based on the response speed of different memory types. This promotes collaboration between software and hardware engineers to explore optimal memory usage strategies, thereby enhancing overall performance.
  • SoC Performance Analysis

    When integrating purchased IPs into SoC designs, iPROfiler can measure whether the bandwidth of that IP meets expected performance.
  • Performance Verification Report

    The performance verification report provided by iPROfiler serves as an important standard for communication between system manufacturers and IC design companies.